2021 Professional Profile Directory

Tue, April 13 2021, 8:00 AM - Thu, April 15 2021, 6:00 PM [EST]

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Tue, April 13 2021, 8:00 AM - Thu, April 15 2021, 6:00 PM [EST]

The Professional Profile Directory features the highly sought-after skills, talents and leadership competencies of current and former military officer women, senior enlisted women and degreed military spouses in career transition. 

This is an optional resource if you are interested in seeking new career opportunities.  This directory will be shared with AcademyWomen partners who may be able to facilitate hiring, a group that includes a wide array of top-caliber corporate, nonprofit and government entities.

As part of the eMentor Webinar Series and the Mini-Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS) Series, AcademyWomen is providing the opportunity for event participants to include their profiles in the 2021 Professional Profile Directory.  Be sure to complete your profile in time for each of the respective Mini-OWLS events NLT 6 APR; 29 JUL; and 2 NOV.

Not able to attend the eMentor Webinar Series or the Mini-OWLS?  If you are a current or former military officer woman, senior enlisted woman or a degreed military spouse in career transition, you can still include your information in the Professional Profile Directory.  

We ask that you provide answers to ALL applicable questions in the profile.  Failure to answer a question may have a direct, negative result in how your skills and career information are categorized in the directory. Please review your answers before submitting to ensure ALL applicable questions have been answered. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Resume Submission and Resume Writing Resources

During the registration process, you will be asked to upload your resume.  Uploading your resume is highly suggested, but optional.  We realize many transitioning military service members may not yet have a resume prepared, and that’s okay. You can still include your profile information even if you do not upload your resume during the registration process.  If you are in need of resume writing assistance, please review the online content on the MilitaryOWLS event transition resources tab found here.



For questions about the Professional Profile Directory, contact: resumes@academywomen.org

For questions regarding event sponsorship or hosting a recruiting webinar, contact: sponsorship@academywomen.org

To learn more about the Career Workshop and OWLS, visit: www.MilitaryOWLS.org

For questions about eMentor or an upcoming Webinar Series, contact: admin@ementorprogram.org



AcademyWomen is a 501c3 nonprofit leadership and professional development organization that bridges the gap of support by providing an unparalleled blend of programs and resources that connect military women to networks of substantive resources, impact and influence. Through our mentoring program, networking events and career development opportunities, AcademyWomen cultivates and leverages the leadership of military women to impact positive change locally, nationally and globally. AcademyWomen members and program participants include active duty and former military personnel, military spouses, senior corporate executives, seasoned entrepreneurs, civic leaders, astronauts, scientists, fighter pilots, attorneys, engineers, physicians, combat leaders, ship commanding officers, diplomats and homemakers. AcademyWomen powers eMentor, a 24/7 award-winning online mentoring program that has served 13,000+ participants including men and women, officers, enlisted and veterans from all branches of military service, military spouses, officers-in-training and mentors from nearly every industry. For more information, visit: www.academywomen.org; www.MilitaryOWLS.org and www.ementorprogram.org.

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